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If you are ready to commit any of the above sponsorship levels and/or exhibition, please complete the following Sponsorship Agreement / Exhibition Application Form and send it to the IM 2011 Treasurer, Bruce Worthman (b.worthman@comsoc.org).

Sponsorship Agreement Application Form

Thank you for sponsoring/exhibiting. Please complete the following form and send it to IM 2011 Treasurer by email, postal-mail or fax.

Company Name :
Contact Name :
Contact Address :

Tel: Fax:
Contact’s E-mail:
Company Website:

______________________ hereby agrees to sponsor IM 2011 which is to be held at 23 – 27 May 2011 at Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.

(Please select the following option)
Patron Program
(a) [ ] Platinum Sponsor ---------------------------------------------- (€20,000)
(b) [ ] Gold Sponsor --------------------------------------------------- (€10,000)
(c) [ ] Silver Sponsor -------------------------------------------------- (€5,000)
(d) [ ] Bronze Sponsor -------------------------------------------------- (€3,000)

Signature: ____________________________ Date: _____________________

In case of typhoon, earthquake, volcano, flood, fire or other causes beyond the control of the host, IM 2011 Organizing Committee may cancel the symposium. If this should happen, IM 2011 will return the sponsor fee with the deduction of no more than 10% of the original sponsorship.

For further information, please contact:

IM 2011 Treasurer
Bruce Worthman

IEEE Communications Society
3 Park Avenue, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10016, USA
Email: b.worthman@comsoc.org
Tel: +1-212-705-8909, Cell: +1-908-217-7866, Fax: +1-212-705-8999

IM 2011 Patron Co-chair
Dave Lewis

School of Computer Science and Statistics
Trinity College Dublin
College Green
Dublin 2, Ireland
Email: dave.lewis@scss.tcd.ie
Tel: +353-1-896-8428

IM 2011 Patron Co-chair
Shri Goyal

Pragati Path
104 Masters Lane
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
Email: shrigoyal@earthlink.net
Tel: +1 727 712 0438




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