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IEEE/IFIP International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM 2011 )
Dublin, Ireland, 23-27 May 2011

A range of Workshops are being co-located with IM 2011.
Below is a brief description of these and links to their webpages.

ManFed.CoM Workshop - 1st IFIP/IEEE Workshop on Managing Federations and Cooperative Management

There are a number of significant, common, complex issues which must be addressed in all technologies and applications that involve federated organisations – how to enable secure governance in the absence of a single, central point of authority; how to achieve semantic interoperability in the absence of common schema; how to provide effective access control in the absence of common user and role models; how to support effective decision making and provide the ability to deal with change in an environment that can be highly dynamic as well as highly heterogeneous; how to construct and maintain a common inter-domain governance model in the presence of highly diverse local governance infrastructures .
The ManFed.CoM workshop will, for the first time, bring together researchers from a broad array of application and technical areas who are concerned with managing federations.  It will draw out common themes, problems and issues that are encountered, and the solutions that have been devised to deal with the problems of managing information systems that cut across autonomous domains in the wide range of research fields and problem areas where such matters have been addressed.  It will aim to provide the basis for a common understanding and common approaches to inter-domain management and governance that synthesises the insights and best of breed solutions being developed in the diverse areas in which these problems are encountered. Visit http://www.manfed.com for full details.

** Due to several requests, we have extended the submission deadline until midnight GMT on January 7th 2011.**

DANMS Workshop - 4th IFIP/IEEE Workshop on Distributed Autonomous Network Management Systems

The DANMS 2011 workshop is part of a series of workshops dedicated to advances in network management and the application of new management principles in network design. This year's workshop emphasizes on "Efficient Management of Loosely Collaborative Service Networks" where network connectivity providers, content and service providers come together to provide high-level services such as Over-The-Top (OTT) services to end-users in a loosely collaborative way.
In the recent past, end-user services such as high quality video calls, web-based video content servers, HD video streaming and VoD services etc. have driven the telecom market. The appearance of these new content/service providers, which include so called Over-The-Top (OTT) service providers, has driven network usage, but also created huge network management problems for the operators. In this context, content/service providers together with network operators provide value to the subscribers in a "loosely collaborative" fashion. Service assurance in this loose collaborative environment is challenging, particularly in the presence of a network with limited or no guarantees. This nascent eco-system is driving fundamental changes in how networks are deployed and managed as well as how they interact with content and service providers. In this context, together with wider network management contributions, we expect to have technical contributions in the areas of automated service assurance and in loosely collaborative service networks.
Full details can be found at www.danms.org

** Due to several requests, we have extended the submission deadline until midnight GMT on January 7th 2011.**

ManFI Workshop - 3rd IFIP/IEEE Workshop on Management of the Future Internet

The theme of this year's ManFI workshop is "Focusing on How to Manage Next Generation Networks and the Future Internet". It is widely agreed that, despite its many successes, the current Internet also has a set of systemic problems, ranging from an upcoming shortage of IP addresses to insufficient security. However, the lack of scalable and agile manageability is arguably more important, as without management, it is impossible to build systems that adapt the services and resources offered in a context-dependent manner. Regardless of whether a clean-slate or a more modest evolutionary approach to manageability of the Future Internet is being considered, work must begin in earnest towards addressing the many aspects of managing resources and services in the Future Internet.
A wide variety of issues, ranging from architecture to device functionality to economic and social issues, will be addressed. Ideally, one of the important goals of this workshop is to investigate whether similar architectural approaches can be used for networks that are based on IP as well as future networks that use one or more different protocols. This includes revisiting manageability from several different viewpoints: from an individual device vs. from a collection of devices vs. an over-arching architectural approach. Please visit www.man-fi.org for more information.

** Due to several requests, we have extended the submission deadline until midnight GMT on January 7th 2011.**

BcN Workshop - 6th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Broadband Convergence Networks (BcN 2011)

Telecom ecosystems are composed by a set of heterogeneous wireless and cellular networks as well as multi-interface user terminals capable to connect and communicate with many types of networks. The design of products or services for such heterogeneous environments requires the seamless integration of different network architectures which are ultimately implementing many communication mechanisms. Enabling user terminals to select the most suitable access network according to various access network characteristics (mobile, cellular, sensor, fiber, etc.) remains a challenging endeavor. The business perspectives of successfully achieving such a convergence are only matched by the complexity of the resulting solutions.
As new technologies meet old ones, many need to be revisited to fit into this complex scenario. In this workshop, we will look at the latest advances in broadband access technologies including IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN, 802.16 Wireless MAN (WiBro, WiMax) and 3G/4G wireless cellular networks and their SIP based IMS platform, broadband access networks, such as xDSL, FTTH and Cable, and examine their use for emerging streaming, multicast, and broadcast applications such as IPTV. Please visit the BcN 2011 website for further details: http://bcn2011.efolia.fr

** Due to several requests, we have extended the submission deadline until midnight GMT on January 7th 2011**

BDIM Workshop - 6th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Business Driven IT Management (BDIM 2011)

A recent shift in perspective brought to bear a more customer-centric approach to IT management, putting IT managers in condition to look at IT not just from the IT department's traditional point of view, but from the customers’ and users’ points of view. Even more recently, a further shift towards holistic understanding of IT in order to fulfil business objectives is occurring: one now wishes to look beyond IT services to the context where the services are used. This is termed Business-driven IT Management (BDIM) and is the main subject of this workshop. BDIM focuses on the impact of IT on business processes and business-level objectives and vice versa; besides the conventional IT metrics such as availability and response time, it looks at other key performance indicators (KPIs), that is metrics that have significance from the point of view of the business supported by the IT. The BDIM approach aims at rethinking IT management from a business perspective. BDIM is not restricted to IT environments in enterprises, but encompasses techniques and decision making that involve thinking about IT in terms of objectives that are at business level, of organizations that may not traditionally be classified as "businesses". For further details: http://www.businessdrivenitmanagement.org/bdim2011/
** Due to several requests, we have extended the submission deadline until midnight GMT on January 7th 2011.**



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